There is Something About Mary

Hi, I’m Mary.

I am a carefree, optimistic and happy go lucky girl. When I was young, my family used to label me with this chinese proverb ‘Even when the sky falls, you will treat it as a blanket.’ Yes, I guess that pretty much sums me up. You can love me but you can also get really frustrated with my optimism. In other words, I can be a rather indifferent or ignorant person. If I can ignore the sky, I can close my eyes on anything. Anything that will hurt me. Anything that will crush me. At the end, it crushes the people I love most.

Wow, I don’t know if you understand what I’m talking about. What a way to intro my blog (or myself). Well, I am much older now and I have learnt that life is not only about me and my happiness. It revolves around people I love as well. So I chose to recognize that the sky is really the sky, and when it falls, I try not to treat it like a blanket anymore and sleep through the pain. I would rather hug my love ones and protect them and share the awful journey of the falling sky, together. LOL! I know I am speaking in parables. I guess my best friends and old buddies would understand the meaning of this, I hope.

Here are some pictures of me. I am now married for about 2 years. This is a picture of my husband and I. Hmm.. the picture is a little dark, but I like it. Am I suppose to edit it? Err… next time? OK? 🙂



I am a daughter of the best parents in the world. Mum and Dad. 😀 And I have 3 beautiful younger sisters and a handsome brother. 😀 😀 😀


Yes, this is the picture on my wedding day. *smile* So obviously I’m the one in white. That’s my mum smooching me, my 3 sisters and my bro pretending to smile at me (you know, at the end of the day, we are really posing for the photographer!). You must be wondering. Where is my dad? The best person in the world to me, my dad, passed away when I was…. I was… 24, I think. Quite a few years back. It was sad, but life goes on. One day, I will find a cute picture of my dad and share it with all of you. He is a wonderful man and that will take a whole post for that. If you can imagine a happy gingerbread man, that is how my dad looks like. Round face with rosy cheeks (I’m serious) and.. cute.

Now, I am happily married. Nope. No kids yet. Soon.. Soon. And, I work for my husband. He owns an event management company and obviously I’m his slave. No no.. I’m just kidding! He just orders me around and I respond to him with my puppy dog eyes and may we not kill each other for working together! *awkward silence* Anyway, to support my husband’s business, I am now a full time emcee and I am managing events as well. Other than that, I’m his maid. I cook, clean, wash and do all the maid stuff. Okay, it’s not that bad.

In this blog, I will share about experiences in my life (marriage, work, finances, relationships, etc.) and I hope that it will bless and make a difference to people that come across it.

Stay tune.

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