A glimpse of Motherhood

It has been a long time since I last blogged. Who would have thought that motherhood would take up so much?

I don’t know where to start and what to blog. I am staring at the screen, figuring what to type. Guilty of leaving my blog site empty for months. All because of, my Little BB who I now called my Baby Boy.

What is it like, to have my Baby Boy.

It feels surreal. Unbelievable. A being  formed in my womb. From a size of a tiny pea. Now in my arms.

It feels surreal, that this little being, this beautiful little being, is now mine. He is mine. He is mine to call. Mine to hold. Mine to protect. Mine to Love.

I call him ‘son’.

A Gift from God.

I set my eyes on him. He is way too beautiful to be called mine. I am unworthy of this precious soul. Unworthy to be his. Yet I am given the honor to raise him up. To call him son. And he calls me mother.

So I am in for this  journey called: Motherhood. Am I ready? Not really. Probably will never be.

But this is the journey where I discover Unconditional Love. Where I will Love another more than my own. A Love that I never understood till now. Where another being is above mine.

And what blows my mind, is that it is only a glimpse of God’s love for us. Just a glimpse.  Just a glimpse.

Thank you God for this life. My little treasure.

Still overwhelm. Still in disbelief.

This treasure is Mine.

We call him Caden. Meaning? ‘Valiant in Battle.’ Brave. Courageous. Bold. Fearless.

Meet our Caden when he was first born.

Love at First Sight


So precious


Yawning or Looking for MILK?


He is beautiful, isn’t he? *tear* *smile*

With love,


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