Road to recovery: After keyhole surgery to remove 10cm fibroid growth

It has been almost 2 weeks since my surgery.

Wanna see my holes? πŸ˜€ Here you go! Eeek!

3 holes on my belly

Before the keyhole surgery, I was only informed that I need 2 weeks to recover and to return back to my usual activities. It sounded simple and good. 2 weeks to recover! What didn’t strike me is the fact that I need to prepare myself for that ‘2 weeks to recover’. And I was not prepared for it. I somehow blinded myself into believing that keyhole is a simple surgery and it wouldn’t be that complicated. How wrong I am.

Day 1

Right after surgery was all good. I was probably given enough painkillers to feel comfortable. I was surprised by the lack of pain I felt. I watched TV and chatted with hubby as we stay over in my private hospital room. Β But I was also fearful of my lower abdomen. I tried not to move. I didn’t dare to get out of bed. Didn’t wanna go to the toilet. I only drank sips of water as I didn’t want to end up vomiting which is a common side effect of anesthetic. Yes, I know! I am such a princess.

Day 2

Yes! I will be discharged today.

The nurse came in the wee hours of the morning. I couldn’t sleep so it didn’t matter. She insisted on me to empty my bladder. She said I am supposed to. I told her I am scared to move. She said if I don’t move, I won’t recover. πŸ™ I slowly left my bed. Hmm.. surprisingly no pain. Just discomfort. Went to the toilet. Once I am done, I felt like vomiting. Went to the basin and basically vomited a lot of air. As I walked towards the door, I felt dizzy and I sort of passed out for a few minutes. When I got back to my senses, I was still standing at the toilet door, the nurse panicked a little, asked for help, got a chair, got me seated and pushed me back to my bed.

I was confuse: What just happened? No idea. I only remember dreaming for the few minutes or seconds.

When I lie down, the nurse adjusted my bed. Legs to a higher level. And also, my head slightly higher and I suddenly felt such ease. Why didn’t I try that earlier? I had some milo and took a nap. (Nurses were concern that I didn’t drink any milo or juice the night before.)

Dr Wong came to see me at 7.50am. Can’t you believe it? He is glad to hear that I have no pain. I can discharge after lunch. Thank you Dr. Wong.

This is my yucky breakfast. Okay. It was not that bad then.

Fish porridge for breakfast

This is my interesting lunch. My hubby ate most of it anyway. I had no appetite.

My lunch. Chicken with potatoes and gravy, soup, vegetables and plain porridge.

After lunch, I was ready to discharge. But I am not ready for this! I realised I probably can’t walk much. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ We requested for a wheelchair. I am being wheeled to the discharge area where we need to make payment and then collect my medication. Then, I am wheeled to the carpark.

Time to leave the hospital. On the wheel chair I go.

And during the drive home, it hurts when my hubby drive thru bumps. I had to ask him to slow down. *ouch*

Once I am home, hubby started his master plan. He gave me his side of the bed that is nearer to the toilet and the door. He set up a side table with all that I needed: phone, tablet, water, tissue, lip balm, medication, charger. He was by my side for the next 2 days.

Hubby’s masterpiece. Everything near me!

I was not too thrilled by how dependant I am. My abdomen is very weak and I kept thinking I am in pain eventhough I didn’t feel much pain. I was afraid to get up. Hubby helped me up so that I can go to the toilet. Help me up when I need to eat.

Sis cooked porridge and delivered them to me.

Chatted with sis for some time. I sat up so long that after I lie down, I felt like I did a 100 sit ups. Hmm.. I shall not do this again.

At night, I couldn’t turn to my side. I slept on my back and I couldn’t sleep. πŸ™ I am not used to sleeping on my back.

Day 3

I am not doing better. Still as weak and fragile as a feather. When I get out of bed, I was like an old lady. Very slow. By then, hubby was way too tired. I had to make my own breakfast for my medication.

I stayed flat on my back the whole day. I watch movies to distract the discomfort. I kept listening to my Christian music and it somehow soothes me.

I broke down a few times. I am sorry my hubby has to serve me. I am sorry I can’t get up. I feel pathetic. Frustrated.

Once my hubby put food on my little table on my bed. As I sit up to eat, I started to get pretty intense shoulder pain. I started to tear again. Poor hubby doesn’t know what to do.

My friends came to visit me and pray for me. It cheers me up. Poor hubby have to stay in to open the door for them, make sure they have drinks and all. He must be soo tired by now.

Day 4

You know what? I can turn to my side without much pain! Yay! Feels like freedom. I can easily get out of bed with no help. I walked a little faster.

I took my last painkiller that day. And I decided to stop altogether!

Day 5

I get shoulder pains and abdomen pain from the gas (gas from surgery). Well , I learnt how to ease myself. Learnt to rid the gas. Burped a lot. Er…. Released a lot *blush*. Everyday is a new experience. But I get stronger and better.

You know what?Β Today is finally Day 13!

I am stronger. Still weak. Β Doing a little housework like arranging the dishes and preparing a meal gets me really tired. But I can walk around, get out of bed at ease and be more rough in my movements if I want. However, I still try to control. Who knows what kind of wound is still inside the abdomen, right?

Any pain? I still have slight pain here and then. Not on the wound but internally near the wound. No idea what it is. Whether it is a nerve or a wound inside my tummy. I dunno.

It hurts the most when I empty my bladder using too much muscles. So I try to relax.

Other than that, I am fine. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I am looking forward to my next appointment with Dr Wong this Wednesday. I can’t wait for him to remove this plasters. I can’t believe it has been on me for so many days. No worries. It’s water proof. I can shower with it. πŸ˜€

This blog is just a carefree, casual blog about how I am doing. I am doing much better now. Thank you everybody.

Cheers with love,


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