The Keyhole Surgery: 10cm Fibroid removed!

It has been 5 days since the surgery. I wish I could have blogged earlier but I didn’t have the strength to sit up for long. So it was kinda difficult. But I am glad today I am able to sit up without feeling too tired. But the process of carrying the laptop into my room and setting it up on my little table (on my bed) leaves me panting.

Last month, I discovered a huge fibroid (freaking 10cm!) below my uterus during my first gynae check up. The best solution was to go for a surgery to remove it. (Just FYI, if you have not read my previous blog)

How was the surgery? I felt like I was being filmed in ER. It was like the movies.

Few days before, I was packing and cleaning the whole house as I know that after the surgery, I wouldn’t be able to do any housework. I am glad that I did.

How did I feel? Mix feelings. One month before, I was kinda scared. Surgery sounds painful. *sweat* 🙁

A few weeks later, reality starts to sink in. And I chose not to think about the details but just go through the process. No point scaring myself, right?

It was also a comfort to know that Dr Wong Pak Seng specializes in Keyhole Surgery which he will perform on me. So my advise to all of you going for surgery, please go for keyhole surgery from an experienced surgeon if possible. Firstly, you can claim insurance so the cost of the surgery would not be a problem. And I am surprised to know someone that went through and open cut surgery that cost more than mine, and the surgeon never bothered to introduce her keyhole surgery also known as laparoscopy. You know why? Not all surgeons know how to perform keyhole surgery. It is a new technology that doesn’t require an open cut. Just really small holes (probably 5mm) into your abdomen where the surgeon placed a few surgical tools, a tube and a laparoscope (like a camera).

The advantages of keyhole surgery is:

– less hospital stay (probably just one night)

– faster recovery time

-less pain after operation

-reduced scarring

That sounds all good for me. I’m all IN for key hole surgery to an open cut surgery. I need to heal quickly for my upcoming Italy trip anyway. 😀  *feeling better now*

Another advise: If you do not have insurance, please buy yourself insurance before a check up. You really won’t regret this. You can just get a basic life insurance for RM150/month. Just FYI, my surgery cost me a hefty RM15k! So I am glad that I can claim it, including the hospital room.

The night before the surgery, I was given 2 tablets to take at 11pm (apparently to help me pass motion before the surgery). On the very morning at 10am, I had to eat light breakfast and immediately after breakfast, do a full fast (both water and food) till the surgery at 6pm.

Eventhough the surgery is at 6pm, I need to check in at 12pm to get a room. This is because Sunway Medical does not allow early room bookings. I remembered being kinda silly. The staff informed me that I can select the room I want. RM150 for a two bed sharing room. Rm268 for a private room. My insurance only covers RM200 a day. Without thinking, I selected the sharing room. My dear hubby quickly came in to the rescue. “It’s only an extra of RM68. Please get the private room.”

Oh, was he right. Why safe RM68 when I can get a private room to myself. Am I glad we did. Cause with the private room, hubby can stay over with me. There is no visiting curfew for him. And we can watch TV to our hearts desire till late night. And no need to share the toilet. Yay! Hubby is the best.

After selecting our room, I had to take a blood and urine test. Wah, guess who was taking my blood test? A few newbie nurses. Trying to find my veins and draw my blood with a needle. One failed attempt. *oh no* And yes, I gladly celebrated the victory of the second attempt by the second nurse.

As we need to wait for our room to be ready, we had lunch at Shogun Express cafe in Sunway Medical with my sis, Angeline and her bf who came to visit me. Never eat there ever unless you don’t have a choice. Food is not great. Of course I didn’t eat anything (I am fasting!). I was just watching them.

After lunch, we hang around the sofa area till the room is ready.

When the room is ready, I dropped my bags at the corner of the room, kept my important belongings in the safe and waited. The nurse came to attend to me. I had to be bare naked with only a piece of hospital robe over me. She made sure that I was ready for the surgery. I had heard these questions countless times before the surgery.

Waiting for the nurse in our private room.

“Are you wearing contact lense?”

“Do you have false teeth?”

“Do you have any allergy?”

“Are you wearing any ear-rings, necklaces… ?”

The nurse also cleansed my lower abdomen area: my belly button and around the area where the key hole surgery will be performed. After that, all we did was watch TV and waited and waited for my 6pm surgery. It is kinda scary.

Countless check up before the surgery. Here, I have my temperature taken.

At about 5.30pm, the nurse came in and informed us that it is time. I told her that I am scared. “Why so early? I thought at 6pm.” She smiled at me and unlock the wheels of my bed and start pushing me out of the room. The ‘in the movies’ feeling starts here. As the nurses push me to the operation waiting area, hubby follows us. It was quite a long way. During a stop, hubby will stroke me and kiss me. I can tell that he is as nervous as me.

Being wheeled into the operation theater. *peace*

When we reached the operation waiting area, hubby is not allowed to follow me anymore. I waved goodbye to hubby. I hope it is not the last (I know I am thinking rubbish).

As I was wheeled into the waiting area, I froze. I am frightened. If I can, I will jump out of bed and cancel the surgery. With great regrets, I was thinking what have I put myself into.

Then, the nurses came to check on me again. Blood pressure and all. Dr Wong’s assistant also came to talk to me. I didn’t get his name but he was very nice and comforting. He explained that he will be giving me anesthetic before the surgery. As he went off to get ready, I was lying on my bed, feeling a little better, still nervous. What if I never wake up? I am not ready for this. I am not ready to leave this world and leave my hubby. *sob*

A few nurses were crowding around an area like a reception. They were complaining about OT and needing to leave early. Hmm.. didn’t sound good for me. Maybe when you have a choice, select an earlier opt time. As they talked and discussed in my presence in the corner, they ignored me like I was just a shadow. As if I am just a product coming in for surgery. No smiles and greeting. (I don’t exactly blame them. Not everyone has good EQ, right? )

Then Dr Wong came over to me to talk to me. Instead of him asking how I am, I asked him, “Dr Wong, How are you? You must have a long day. Are you tired?” You see, Dr Wong does surgery every Tuesday and Thursday for a whole day. He probably just came out from another surgery.

He replied, “Don’t worry. This is what I do. And I usually perform surgery at this time. I am fine.”

He walked over to the nurses. “Tak cukup orang?” (What I vaguely remembered. Conversation of that sort)

“Banyak MC hari ini”

He smiled and walked off.

Then Dr Wong’s assistant came to me. He was very, very nice. He had to put that “sharp drip thingi” into my wrist. I closed my eyes and take in the slight pain. And then the nurses wheeled me into the operation theatre. It was a little like in the movies. Huge lights on top. Operating bed. Equiptments all over. They moved me onto the operation bed which is very small. The nurses started to stick some kind of wired stuff all over my body to check my heart rate. And a drip on me. And then the nice man put an oxygen mask over my mouth and ask me to go to sleep. After a few seconds, I knocked out.


I woke up! I didn’t remember any dream. I felt totally uncomfortable. My lower abdomen was aching. An ache that I don’t know how to explain. I took out my oxygen mask and asked the nurse,” Is the operation done?”

“Yes, it is. Are you ok? Is the pain bearable?”

Yes, it is bearable. I quickly checked my lower abdomen. There were four plasters on it. Yes, the operation is over. I was feeling very cold. I was shivering. Teeth chattering. I was anxious and nervous. I didn’t know why. I told the nurse I wanted to go back to my room. She said that they need to do a check  up on me first.

After that, they wheeled me back to my room. I wanted to tell the nurse to call my husband. I want my husband now. I have holes in my abdomen. I didn’t feel good. I was very cold. Freezing cold. Am I glad when I reached my room, my hubby was there waiting for me.

I was trembling and shaking. They gave me a few blankets. Hubby covered me with his jacket and gave me a cup of hot water to hold. I calmed myself by breathing in and out. I am okay. I am okay. I kept assuring myself. The surgery is over.

It is over.

(Next: I will be blogging about post surgery. Stay tune. )

If you would like to read about how I discovered the growth in me, you can read my previous blog: My first gynae experience.

Cheers and lots of love,


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