This Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Wow! This is my first post! I finally found time to type my first blog. Ahhhhhh! I’m so excited. (Sorry for over reacting) Let me do a flip and a somersault and I will get back to you.


Yes, there is this crazy little thing called LOVE. And I hope that everyone will have a chance to experience this feelings. I have previous relationships in the past. But honestly, I have never really have this ‘falling in love’ feelings until I met my husband. I do not know why. It is such a mystery. So full of emotions. So.. So… So.. *sigh* So hard to put in words. LOVE.


LOVE is when you look at him and no matter what others say, he is the most beautiful person to you. Yes. It’s crazy. I’m blind! I know. But why? He is just beautiful. Yes, I know. You don’t have to tell me again. I am blind. LOVE is BLIND.


You can’t love a person and feel nothing, right? Well, I had pass relationships. And honestly, I felt nothing. But for my hubby, loving him is effortless. It is this emotion bubbling inside of me. I really feel like I’m so in LOVE with HIM. I just wanna tell him ‘I love you’ everyday! We have been together for 6 years already. I’m glad I still feel for him. It’s a scary thought to fall out of love.

3. LOVE does not make any SENSE.

Yes, it doesn’t! He is not perfect. He isn’t. Nobody is, anyway. He gets angry. I still love him. He ignores me. I still love him. He makes me go MAD. I still love him. He comes home late. I still love him. He complained about my cooking! I still love him. I mean, my hubby is a great person. But during the not so good times, I still love him. Nope, no logic. It’s crazy.


I tell you. We fight like nobody business. And when we fight, it’s World War 3. And we fight and fight and fight. And take note, my husband has a temper. When his temper blows up, it’s not good. NOT GOOD. But LOVE keeps us going. It’s easy to shout out the word ‘Break up!’ ‘I want OUT’. But at the end, we will work it out. Hug each other. Kiss each other and apologize.

(In fact, the more we grow old together, the more we understand each other, the less we fight. We fought more in the earlier years.)


Yes. Love makes us do stupid things like sacrificing what we like. I give him the last nugget. I give him the better side of the bed. I give him the chicken thigh and take the chicken breast. I will watch his favorite movies. I will wear his favorite style. I will eat his favorite food. Man, I am going crazy. But that’s what love does to people.

6. LOVE can be UGLY

Yes, it’s not all that perfect like in the movies. It’s not easy for two different people of different character to get together. It just isn’t simple. It takes a lot of pain. It takes a lot of sacrifice. It takes a lot of effort to make things work out. LOVE is knowing this person you love and still love him in spite of his weaknesses. You suddenly see all the ugly bits, but you still love. It is hard, it is painful. It is a roller coaster ride. Man, what have I put myself into? Well, I still love.


It is. It is not always the roses, presents and dinner dates. It is cooking his favorite food, everyday. I mean, if I cook only on his birthday, that is pretty exciting. But to cook everyday, it gets boring. It is scrubbing his dirty clothes. Thank God for the washing machine. The underwear goes in there. Cleaning the house. It’s like: reality strikes. This is love. Doing all these little things for him.


Yes, love is painful. It is like a knife cutting into my heart. It makes me cry. You know, men are quite peculiar. My man is peculiar. He gets stress up. He needs his space. He gets angry.  Ha ha. Peculiar? I guess, he is just human. It hurts when he tells me the truth about myself. It hurts when I do not get to hear what I want to hear. It hurts when I need him but he needs his space. It hurts when I just need him to listen, and.. he doesn’t. Man and women are wired differently. It takes a lot to give in and to understand.


But not to worry, after all the hard times, we have each other. He is my best friend, my soul mate, my husband. He loves me. He hugs me. He kisses me. He makes me happy. He is my companion. He makes me a better person. After going through the hard times, we enjoy the good times. We are glad we have each other. And we need to learn to cherish each other. It’s never easy to find someone you love. When you find it, don’t ever let go.

10. LOVE is… Ahhh!

My husband is home (I’m serious. He just came home while I’m blogging)! I am going to spend some time with him.

I tell you, it’s this crazy little thing called love. You don’t understand. You wouldn’t.

I just hope that everyone will be able to feel this crazy little thing called love. It’s chemistry. It’s.. it’s.. something unimaginable. You feel it, and you know it. How did it come? I don’t know. Why only to him? I don’t know either.

I’m just glad that I can love. Thankful. May I love him till death do us apart.

May you find your love too. And, if you have found your love: ALL THE BEST! 😀

If you dun wanna suffer so much, you can get a dog or a cat. You can still love. 😀 (joking lah, but possible right?)


Some pics of us in Berchtesgaden, Germany. One of my FAV places in Europe!


A punch! We are even! *hmph*


Peace peace!P1070996We will survive! Cheers!

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