Meet our Little Baby


Hello! I am happily 20 weeks pregnant! πŸ™‚

Time to revive my blog. *sweat*

Finally have the energy and time to blog after my first trimester which was extremely… tiring. No energy to do anything then. Which includes blogging.

Well, I am now going through my honeymoon trimester! Happy Pregger Mama here now. πŸ˜€

Have you met Lil’ BB? Anyway, we call our little one ‘Little BB’ because my hubby is my big bb. So my little one will be Little BB. Β Make any sense? πŸ˜›

5 weeks ultrasound

littlebb 001

This is the first time I set my eyes upon Lil’ BB. BB was just a little round ball. And we could actually see BB’s heart fluttering away. Only 5 weeks old. Awww… 5 weeks, 2.6 mm in size and the heart is already beating. Amazing. Can’t help to feel that Lil’ BB is so small and so fragile.

Keep sticking little one. Mummy loves you. Yes, every mum’s fear is that the little one will stop sticking during the early stage of pregnancy which will result in miscarriage. I was one of them.


8 weeks ultrasound

littlebb 002

Our Lil’ BB has grown so much! :’D Can you see the little limbs on top? Sweet. BB’s heartbeat is more visible now. *loves* Measuring only 1.57cm. Still as small as ever. A little bean with little limbs.

12 weeks ultrasound

littlebb 003

Lil’ BB is now 12 weeks old. I didn’t expected anything when I see the ultrasound but when my gynae pointed out the head, Lil’ BB made a little leap! That was a pleasant surprise!

“BB can move!”

“Of course BB can move. You will be able to feel the movement at week 20,” Dr Teow replied.

I can’t help but keep smiling as I see my Lil’ BB move about in the ultrasound. It was so amazing for me.

BB looks big in this picture but BB is only 5.34cm! Barely the size of my palm. And already so fully formed!


16 weeks ultrasound

Can you see the head on the far left. And the hand? LOL. Use your imagination! You can even see the fingers of the other hand.

Lil’ BB is much bigger now and stronger! πŸ˜€ And sucking his or her thumb. I can’t believe that they suck their thumbs at such an early stage. Β I hope that makes Lil’ BB a happy baby.


20 weeks ultrasound

its a boy

Lil’ BB decides to take a pee while we watch in awe. LOL. Now BB is the size of a mango! Can you guess the gender? Pink or blue? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Lil’ BB is a boy! Our sweet boy. I pray that you will grow up to be tall, strong and macho like Daddy!

We love you Lil’ BB. Stay strong. See you in June our dear BB Boy.

Daddy and Mummy Loves You.



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3 thoughts on “Meet our Little Baby

  1. Hi Mary, happy for you. Congratulations! Just search from Web and found that you hv done the keyhole surgery under Dr. Wong. Can share that after how many cycles you have tried and get success? I also did the surgery in last year end and tried 2 cycles but no luck yet. Dr. Wong advise to see him 3rd cycle and look for treatment. I really hope can get conceive naturally.

    • Hi Ru. My fibroid although was big, it was growing outside my uterus which was less complicated. I was pregnant 4 months after the surgery, and honestly we tried 3 cycles only (assuming you meant a cycle is a month?). You will also need to be quite certain when you ovulate. There is only a few days of opportunity a month. I wish you all the best and pray that you can conceive naturally. Take care. The key is to be relax and happy. 😊

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