I wish I have known: Pregnancy Journey


Can you believe it? I am now 28 weeks! And I have hit my 3rd trimester. *big smile*

So much mix feelings. Excited yet uncertain. Happy yet nervous. Blissful yet worried. Baby oh Baby, what have you done to me?

Throughout this pregnancy journey, I have learn a lot and made my share of mistakes as well. And well, I am still learning. 3 more months to go and God knows what else I will experience. Pregnancy is so… unpredictable.

So here, I am going to blog about what I wish I have known and hope it will help some mummies to be.

Before TRYING for a BABY:-

1. Take Folic Acid or your Prenatal Vitamins

We don’t prepare our body for a baby when we want to try for a baby. In fact, we have to prepare our body way before we try. Yeap, that’s my mistake. I was not prep. 3 months before you even try for a baby, you should be taking Folic Acid. It’s a supplement and you can easily get it from any pharmacist. Folic Acid is an important supplement to help baby avoid growth problems or disorder. I also recommend prenatal vitamins and it comes with Folic Acid. I was taking Pharmaton, recommended by my gynae.

2. Eat well, sleep well, exercise

Before trying? Yes, you gotta eat as if you are pregnant. You gotta prepare your body for a healthy baby. I… didn’t do that. I tried.. but.. *sigh*

3. Have a gynae check-up

Yes! I am thankful I did. It doesn’t cost too much and it is nothing to be ashame of. If you have problems, thank God you checked! You can rectify it right away. If you don’t have any problems, good for you. Better safe than sorry, right? For my case, I had a growth at my uterus that could be fatal for both mum and baby if I get pregnant. So by doing the check, I avoided a lot of worries and problems.

4. Are you a Thalassemia Carrier?

LOL. You must be wondering what is this foreign word. If it’s foreign to you, it is time to find out! If both you and your partner is a Thalassemia Carrier, you have 25% chance of having a problem baby which is no joke. To clarify, if either one is a carrier, then you are safe. Please don’t take this with a pinch of salt. Get yourself checked. It is only a simple blood test.

You know what? I am a Thalassemia Carrier.


Once you start Trying for a baby:

5.  Avoid alcohol!

There are babies born with problems because mummy had no idea she was pregnant and was drinking  lots of alcohol during the unknown pregnancy.

Alcohol is toxic for the baby.  Don’t take the chance. If you are not extreme, try to stick to a shot a day. If you are on the safe side, avoid alcohol entirely (which I did, once I read about the risk). There is a risk that your baby will be born with FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) if you take alcohol during pregnancy and there is no known studies to show how much alcohol is too much, unfortunately. What is FAS? A baby with FAS has similar symptoms to an autistic child although not entirely. Let’s not risk it.


Yay! You have got the (+) sign! Congratulations! You are in for a RIDE.

First Trimester:-

6. Extreme fatigue is coming…

For me, it was extreme fatigue. Apparently some preggers don’t feel fatigue at all (Life’s unfair, I know). So, good for them. But for me, fatigue caught me off guard! I was so tired, I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t get out of bed, literally. It was as if I lost all my energy. It was as if I have fallen sick. It was as if I was hit by food poisoning till I have no strength left. And I am not exaggerating.

If I could have turned back time, I would have stock up my fridge with food while I had the strength. I would have quickly did as much housework as I could. I would have plan to get help from friends and family. By the time I realised I couldn’t get out of bed, I was left hungry, the house was a mess and I was a mess.

7. Hungry forever!

Yes, I was hungry like all the time. I wish I would stop getting hungry but I wouldn’t. And you know what was worse? I wasn’t prepared. I haven’t stock up. There was no quick meals at home. *sob*

You still don’t get it, do you? I would snack on some biscuits, cereal or bread. And then 5 minutes later, I am hungry again. And then I quickly gobble something else. And I am hungry 10 minutes later. So, I was constantly hungry. Grr.. It was tiring. I was tired of eating. Any solution? I found one. Carbs. For me, it’s noodles. I would eat noodles and for once, I was full for a few hours. (Skip the instant noodles, ya. I meant healthier noodles. )

8. Nausea! Feeling awfully sick.

What happen if I decide to be lazy and not eat? I become nauseous. I felt sick. I felt like vomiting. The only way to avoid this sick feeling, is to keep my tummy full, at all times. Argh! Certain food may cause nausea. For me, it was fried and oily food. Eating large meals and eating too fast can cause nausea too. It is wise to eat slow and smaller portions. All the best! *sweat* And carry snacks where you go! You will need it. And be prepared, you will be burping and releasing gas a LOT due to the change in your digestive system.

9. Prenatal Vitamins made me sick

I didn’t know that my prenatal vitamins were making me sick. And I was taking it religiously because I thought my baby needed it. My gynae actually stopped me from taking it so that I can start eating again.

After some weeks, my gynae switch my Pharmaton Prenatal Vitamins to Similac Pramilet. That’s the brand, by the way. Pharmaton was way too rich and strong causing nausea. With Similac Pramilet, no more nausea for me. Yay!

10. Food to AVOID

Yes. Lots of forbidden food. Do your homework so that you wouldn’t be filled with guilt for eating the wrong thing. Basically, no raw, uncook food. That includes vegetables. If you really need your fresh salad, make sure it is washed clean. Of course, eat as healthy as possible. I tried… but during my first trimester, I couldn’t swallow any greens. *sigh* And say goodbye to caffeine. Farewell my favourite: milk tea, sashimi, sunny side up…

11. Why am I crying?

Be prepared. There is a high chance that you will be extra emotional. It’s like PMS throughout your pregnancy. You will find yourself getting offended or upset easily. Raising your voice at your hubby (poor hubby). Or being depress over very statement and comments by others.

Well, don’t be too hard on the people around you as well as yourself. Be aware that it is your hormones raging. You will do fine!

Friends and hubby out there, please be sensitive to the pregnant mama, ok? My friends weren’t. *roll eyes*


12. Constipation?

Yeap, during pregnancy, your stool can get real hard, thanks to mother nature.  So eat up your FIBER! Cereal helped me lots (not the sugary ones, ok? Get the healthy ones). Load up your vegetables and fruits! And drink lots and lots of water.


2nd trimester – Yay! Honeymoon season! Goodbye to nausea and fatigue.

13. Maternity clothes?

Er.. you will keep growing. I made a mistake. I bought my maternity wear thinking that it will last me forever. I bought a few sizes up. You know what? I grew so much in a month that I don’t fit in them anymore.

I bought a nice pair of maternity jeans. But the material was hard and it is left in the cupboard, barely touched. It actually hurt my bump as it grew.

What lasted? My stretchy maternity leggings. So it’s wiser to go for all the stretchy soft material that can be adjusted way more than a few sizes up.

Take note, it’s not only the bump that will grow. Hips, ribs, breast, buttock and even your feet! I also outgrew my new pair of shoes, my lingerie too. *sigh*


All right! I better end this blog. If not, I will go on and on. Basically, these are some pointers that I wish I knew earlier. I hope it helps you mamas as well. Don’t worry too much. Enjoy your pregnancy. It’s only 9 months. Enjoy every moment. In spite of all that, I love my pregnancy journey.

I love you Lil BB! *muax* *hugz*

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